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Dr. Bork talks about how advanced technology improves patient experience.

Timely, Efficient, Safe Dentistry

By equipping our office with advanced dental technology, our dentist and team are able to offer patients treatments that are more efficient, comfortable, and safe, ensuring the best possible dental care for you!

We also know your time is valuable, so we strive to make treatment as convenient as possible—and our use of technology is an important way that we further that goal. Our dentist in Allen, TX, Dr. Rebecca Bork, is proud to feature some of the most advanced dental technology available to provide patients with exceptional dental experiences.

Technologies To Help Our Dentist And You

Advanced dental technology improves both the experiences of our patients and allows our dentist to provide more precise and accurate treatment. Along with increasing comfort and convenience, dental technology takes the place of many conventional processes, including impression-taking with dental putty and visual detection of cavities. Dr. Bork, utilizes the following advanced technologies on a daily basis:

This minimally invasive pen helps Dr. Bork identify possible cavities that are not detectable from the naked eye. By catching cavities early, our dentist can treat them before the cavity gets more serious.

This intraoral camera allows Dr. Bork to capture digital images of your mouth and teeth without needing messy, gag-inducing putty. The technology also allows us to capture detailed information with less discomfort to you.

This dental laser is used to gently treat conditions related to orthodontics and general dentistry. Dr. Bork can perform many soft tissue treatments, including gingivectomies, crown lengthening, treatment of canker sores, biopsies, and lesion removal. We perform these treatments without the need for scalpels or sutures and with virtually no pain.

Feel Confident In Your Care

We choose to incorporate advanced technology into all our services to increase the accuracy and safety of our care. In turn, advanced technology offered by a skilled dentist can help you feel confident in the care Dr. Bork provides. We gain clearer and more precise information we use to create personalized and targeted treatment plans for each patient who visits the dentist in Allen, TX.

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Get The Best In Dental Care By Choosing A Dentist Who Invests In Advanced Technology!