dental implants

The Popular Smile Makeover Treatment

Dental implants are taking over the dental game because of the way they imitate natural teeth so flawlessly. Implants are placed into the jaw, which substitute your teeth roots. Then, an abutment is attached to ensure the crown stays in place. The crown is what acts as the tooth – made to look at feel like a natural tooth. Because of the way dental implants mimic the natural teeth, oral health remains optimal.

Dentists everywhere are turning to dental implants as a smile reconstruction solution because they are the key for ensuring your facial structure stays intact. This means your bone density remains full, resulting in your face not beginning a sunken in look.

Luckily, if your bone is not dense enough to permanently hold an implant in place, your dentist may recommend bone grafting. Bone grafting is a procedure that takes place prior to the implantation. The grafting process adds bone mass into the jaw by inserting extra bone from your body or a donor, which then fuses to your existing bone. After a few weeks, the bone will completely fuse together, giving you the necessary foundation to ensure your dental implants stay stable and everlasting. 

Your dental implants are designed to look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth. With this being said, caring for your dental implants is easy. The maintenance of your dental implants is comparable to how you would care for your natural teeth. Simply brushing and flossing regularly will keep your oral hygiene and health clean. It is also recommended that you schedule regular checkup appointments with your dentist to ensure your oral cavity is as healthy as possible.

If dental implants seem like the perfect route for you to take, it is a good idea to contact your dentist. At this time, you will be scheduled for a consolation and an appointment to follow. Your dentist and their team of specialists will be able to guide you through any questions you may have about the dental implant and bone grafting procedures.

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