Dental Patient Smiling After Her Dental Bonding

Caring For Your Dental Bonded Teeth!

Do you miss smiling big, beautiful, and bright because of chipped, discolored, or broken teeth? Dental bonding maybe the right choice for you! What is dental bonding you ask? Dental bonding is a very simple and non-complicated procedure. Dental bonding in Allen, TX is a cosmetic procedure done do rebuild chipped and damaged teeth, using a liquid composite base resin to shape and mold damaged teeth. The liquid is then hardened by an ultraviolet light. This procedure is very cost efficient and simple and doesn’t require anesthesia usually. There is normally downtime associated with dental bonding.

What Do You Need To Get Dental Bonding in Allen, TX?

There isn’t any preparation that is usually needed for dental bonding. A consultation with a dentist to determine if you are a perfect candidate is needed before the procedure is performed. For more extreme cases of teeth damage or tooth decay, a dentist may recommend crowns and/or veneers as a better option for you as bonding might not be effective for your case.

How Do You Care for Bonded Teeth?

Dental bonding uses a composite resin that is much weaker than your natural teeth. The is a high possibility that the material will chip and separate from your teeth eventually. Chewing on hard particles or something as simple as eating ice cream can chip the material. Staining is a high possibility as well because resin isn’t a stain-resistant material.

  • Floss daily
  • Brush at least twice a day
  • Avoid hard foods or candy
  • Do not bite your nails
  • For at least the first two days, no coffee, tea, or smoking (to reduce staining)
  • Dental cleanings twice a year are highly recommended!

If the bonding material accidentally breaks or chips, or you feel any rough or sharp edges, please consult with a dentist immediately.

Are Interested in Learning More About Dental Bonding?

You will be on the road to a big, beautiful, amazing smile with low-cost dental bonding in no time. Don’t wait any longer, contact a dentist in [city], [state] today to set your appointment to start your journey to gaining your confidence back.
Having a beautiful big healthy smile is a major confidence booster. If you have discoloration, a chipped tooth, or a gap and you’re looking for an inexpensive repair, see our doctor, Dr. Rebecca Bork, in our office in Allen, TX for your next consultation today!

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